365 Days: Day 4

Day 4 - the finger

To fully appreciate why my car blows, you’ll have to read Why my MINI sucks.

I went to go get milk and smokes. Yes, I could have walked, but decided to drive so I could get back quicker. Unlocked the door, got inside and everything shut down. Yikes! I couldn’t get out the driver’s side door because it doesn’t open from the inside. The passenger’s side door was lock and pressing the key wasn’t getting it open.

How’d I get out? The passenger’s side door. After about 5 minutes of banging on the window and yelling for Adrian, I decide to try the door. Even if the car is locked, when you pull the handle it’ll open.

So. I’m free. With a broke down (again) car. And I need to get to Morono Valley and Corona on Tuesday.


One thought on “365 Days: Day 4

  1. I just found your blog through Blogging While Brown — and I am already in love it with because I have so many pictures of myself giving something/everything the finger. Nice.

    I like the breakdown of your blogroll, too.


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