Lights out in El Sereno!

Last night, in the middle of an oh-so-boring chess game, the power went out. Remember our troubles with our power? We just assumed it was that. Adrian was about to go get flip the switch, when I noticed that it wasn’t just our house. The whole street was dark. We went outside and the whole city was dark. We can see the lights on in Alhambra, but everything else was out.

Palm silhouette

Then the helicopters came. There were two of them with the searchlights stabbing through the darkness. I wondered if they were connected.


Then I realized that we were the only assholes out. If the police cut the power to find a criminal, why the hell were we outside? Adrian had me check my phone to see if the towers were down. I couldn’t get a call out, nor could I get online, though I figured out later that, moron that I am, I had my phone in flight-mode. D’oh!

Anyway, we’re so prepared for an emergency that our flashlights are in the garage, all the way in the back on a shelf and our batteries are above my desk in a plastic box. We went to the backyard, but as we were walking back there, I realized the helicopters were going away. I guessed that the power would come on soon and it did about a minute later.

When it’s dark, completely dark, it seems that time stretches. We both guessed the power was out for about 15 or 20 minutes. It was only 8 according to my clock radio. Now, I’m really curious as to why the power went out. Of course, it’s in El Sereno so there’d be no media coverage on it. If this happened at our old place, there would have been a blurb on it in the newspaper this morning.