He found her! On Monday, I was Stumbling and Stumbled Upon a site called nygirlofmydreams.com. It was an illustration of a guy who saw a girl on a subway and fell in love. He, drew her and posted it online. I told my husband about it and got a chuckle out of all the detail. I thought it was cute, but really, what are the chances that he’d ever see her without turning stalker, right?

“I spent the whole ride psyching myself up to introduce myself, but when the time came, a rush of people got between us, and by the time I could get through, it was too late,” said Moberg. “I don’t think anything I could have said would have been able to sanely convey how strongly I felt about her! I’m sure I would have come across as insane. So I think I made the right choice [by making the Web site].”

Well he found her.

OMG, he fucking found her! His drawing was so detailed that someone she knew had recognized her. They even had a first date! And promptly went on Good Morning, America to talk about it!

Awwww…isn’t that sweet?