What’s with the psychotic bloggers?

I was on my sitemeter and noticed I got hits [shudder puke] from a blog of nutjobs. Those of you in liberal blogdom will know that site as a bunch of people unnaturally obsessed with what’s going on on other blogs. I mean, it’ s like a sad, pathetic little blog of gossip about gossip on other blogs. Wrap your head around that.

Well, I’ve managed to ignore the horde of nutjobs over there. Over the summer, looking for a post I did a few years ago, I found that they talk about me over there. It’s odd. I mean, out of all the names on that particular page, I only recognized one. That didn’t stop the other from talking shit, but it’s kinda creepy, ya know?

Well, I mentioned it to someone who was like, “Oh yeah, they say you’re like “one of the favorites” or part of the “in crowd” at dk.” Me. Me? LOL…that should give you some inkling as to just how delusional most of those people are. It would be almost sad, if they weren’t so holier-than-thou. From what I understand most of those people had been banned at dk, so it seems that they generally don’t play well with others, but still…isn’t it kinda of weird to read a blog you’ve been banned at, then blog about what’s going on there and THEN act sanctimonious about the people who are still there, like you left willingly? Is it me, or isn’t that just a bit…crazy?