Happy Birthday Mr. Alton!

From a 7lb. preemie:

To a 30lb. giraffe:
Giraffe on the loose at the zoo!

You’ve amazed us by the changes you’ve gone through. You let people touch you and you’re finally eating sushi! You make us giggle with the way you talk, and I know that Ya-Ya Mama* adores you to pieces. Hope you have a very happy birthday. Next time we talk, it will be about potty training.

*Ya-Ya Mama is what he calls Ilia.


11 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Mr. Alton!

  1. You amaze me too, Alton! I’m amazed you haven’t crashed the fish tank with the hammer, scratched up the TV with the gardening shears or woken me up with gentle love blows from a custom made spiked bat. And we used to call Ilia “Bam Bam”. Ha!

    Other that he is a perfectly normal lovable little squirt!

    Happy birthday, Alton. 🙂


  2. HAPPY BDAY ALTON!!!! I hope it is a great one and you get to eat lots of candy. Eat some for me! You are so different from the last time I saw you. I won’t recognize you the next time I see you.

    Happy birthday from all of us (Anjanette, Chiana, Faith, and Ovi).


  3. Happy Birthday little man, How time flies. Hope you had a super fantabulous day. May your 3rd year be just as exciting as this one.
    Denise in Canada


  4. Mr Alton and The Mommy,

    I truly hope you both have a wonderful birthday. May you enjoy each year to the fullest, Alton because before you know it you’ll be 7 yrs old.

    Happy B-day! -Lena*


  5. Wow, Alton, two years, what an accomplishment! I just realized you are exactly 6 months older than Simone since she is 18 months today. Someday you can hold that against her and I’m sure you will ;>.
    You are so adorable as a giraffe, btw. You own it.
    Lots of Love and best wishes for the year to come to you and your mom and well dad and sis too!
    Jennifer and fam.


  6. Hi Alton,
    Your friends in Atlanta want to wish you a very Happy 2nd Birthday. We hope your day (and week) is filled with lots of fun.

    Love, Hugs & Kisses,
    Valarie, Kyle, Amari & Anaiya


  7. Happy Birthday Alton!!! I miss you and your family very much. I’m sending all my love your way with a big New York smooch. xoxo Kathy


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