Know what I just realized?

I only got two (unprompted) birthday wishes today. Two. I’ve always made it a point to call or email my friends (and quite a few people I don’t even like) on (or around) their birthdays to wish them a happy birthday and they’ve never reciprocated. Not even one of my best friend’s whose birthday is in 3 days has called me. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ Okay, she’s never called me on my birthday, so I don’t exactly expect her to call me now.

I must seriously suck as a human or the people I know must be amazingly self-absorbed.

I think it’s the latter. LOL!


5 thoughts on “Know what I just realized?

  1. I was going to call too, but my cell phone is broked, LOL [cat]!

    I tried to video call off my laptop but I don’t think your camera is hooked up…

    Happy Birthday!


  2. shayera, you were one of the two! Which just goes to show the people I’ve known for years and years super-suck. LOL!

    adrian…just…be quiet, you dork.


  3. And there was a third explanation that none of us thought of!….

    I was keyboard pounding yesterday & didn’t get around much. I’ll probably be like that all week. ๐Ÿ˜›

    Hope you had a good b’day. Sounds like you went somewhere nice!


  4. Hey! I call people too. I even sing to them. I’m slacking on it this year though. I haven’t even had anybody notice that they missed mine this year. Whetever. I think once you have kids – and are in your 30’s – Bdays just don’t seem like any kind of big deal to most people. I still think its nice to say, “YAY, I’m glad you were born!” to people though.
    Happy Birthday.


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