Thanksgiving decorations?

Last week, coming home after The Getty, I saw that the people down the street had a HUGE inflatable turkey on their front lawn. You read that? A huge inflatable turkey. Dressed like a pilgrim.

Are we so lacking in decorative holidays that it’s come to this? Really. Isn’t it enough that they have enough ceramic bunnies out there, that they could open a museum? Some people keep their Christmas decorations up into February and people are not only making, but selling inflatable pilgrim turkeys?

I’ll try to get a picture of the house. Usually, I wouldn’t be so shy, but in order to get a good shot, I’ll have to stand in the middle of the street, as they live perpendicular to my street. I don’t know if I want to go there yet.

UPDATE: I just saw that some moron asked on Yahoo! Answers: if someone knew where they could get a 4′ inflatable lawn Thanksgiving balloon.

Yep. Someone was actually looking for this crap.


One thought on “Thanksgiving decorations?

  1. LOL! The only Holiday decorations I have ever put outside my house – so far – are Christmas lights, and some Halloween stuff. Please, God, let me never become so lame that I put an inflatable turkey in my front yard.


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