Phoenix Restuaruant

Last night for birthday dinner, we wound up at Phoenix Restaurant in Alhambra. It’s a Chinese resturant and I have no idea how I missed this one.

Big fish

We ordered a set for 4. They had two of them, one for $58 and the other for $68. The one we got came with:
Crab and fish maw soup (yuck, it was like egg drop soup)
Grilled sea bass (so tasty it wasn’t even funny)
Crispy fried duck with mashed taro (the taro is inside the crisp part)
Chinese broccoli, snow peas and carrots with shrimp
Prime rib bits sauteed with candied walnuts and sesame seeds (the walnuts didn’t need to be there)
A house dessert (it was that bean and taro dish)

Yummy sea bass
The grilled sea bass

We also ordered shrimp fried rice. Everything was good! The service could have been better. I mean, our waiter was attentive, but he was more attentive to the Chinese people. Like, he took their orders before ours, which I definitely noticed because I was starving! I wanted to order another drink, but after all the food was delivered, he didn’t come near our table until we were ready to go.

Waiter!  There's a baby in my beer!

I’d have more pictures of the food, but the lighting was hard to work with and I couldn’t get any non-blurry ones, so we’ll just have to go back!

The fam

2 thoughts on “Phoenix Restuaruant

  1. Fabooj – I just found out that you left dKos so I wanted to drop by and say hello. I’m sorry about the disagreement, but I hope you’ll come back. I know that many of us really miss your insight and POV.

    Either way, I’m going to come by now and again and check out your blog. That dinner sounds delicious. And if those are your kids, all I can say is “aaaaaahhhhhhh… cute.”

    Take care,
    Scout Finch


  2. Hey ya! I doubt I’ll be at DK as I haven’t checked it since I left and don’t particularly miss it. I should be in KC in Feb. so hopefully we can meet up again then!


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