Dear Dick Durbin

Bite me.


I just checked my email and saw a letter from the Senator asking us to sign (yet another) petition to send to Congress to use the power of the purse and defund the war. What a fucking joke. Activists, bloggers, progressives and other Democrats have been telling the Congress the same thing, especially since November 2006. They didn’t do one damn thing.

With each war funding vote, I have asked myself this question: What would I want Congress to do if it were my son or daughter riding through the streets of Baghdad, or Samarra, or Fallujah?

Are you shitting me Senator? Now you asked yourself those questions? If you had a single ounce of leadership in you in the first place, those questions would have been asked in 2002, 2003. Not 4 years and 4000 American troops lives later? If I had a kid in this stupid clusterfuck of a war, I’d be on your doorstep right now, asking you why you didn’t have these thoughts before you voted to send my kid into harm’s way.

He then goes on to lay the entire war at the feet of the Bush Administration, giving the rubberstamping GOP-led Congress a pass. Giving the spineless, witless and useless Reid-led Congress a pass. Toward the end of Durbin’s letter, we, laughably, get this year late sentiment:

It’s time to draw a line in the sand. And I hope you’ll help me ask my colleagues to join us.

It’s there like he thought of it. Like thousands of liberals, progressives, independents and unhappy Republicans haven’t been clamoring for this for years.

Sadly, Dick. I drew my line in the sand for Democrats a long time ago and you guys were too scared to cross it. This is sham of a letter. The charade of you and other Democrats in Congress play pretending that you’re thinking about maybe beginning to get a committee together to talk about doing something has gotten old. I’m ready for a new game.

Senator Dick Durbin, I respectfully request that you bite me.