The trials and tribulations of being 4

Ilia is supposed to be taking her nap. For the past hour, she’s devised ways of getting out of it. We finally put her in our bedroom only to hear her crying to go potty. I let her go to the bathroom and thought nothing of it. About 5 minutes later I heard Adrian yelling at her to get into bed. I came into the house to see him blotting blood off her face and asking her how she cut herself. We narrowed it down that it wasn’t her or Alton.

I took her into the bathroom to get some peroxide on her cuts. She was bleeding under her nose and on her bottom lip. Strange cuts. I kept asking her how she cut it thinking that taking her back to the scene of the crime would jog her memory. I cleaned and applied pressure to the cut. As I did that, I noticed black hairs on her face. Strange. I wiped them away and let my eyes dart around the room to see what could have been the culprit. Nothing. When I took the tissue away from her face I noticed the telltale cuts of a razor. Aha. Then I saw it. Way up high on the built-in was a blue razor.

I asked Ilia, “Did you use mommy’s razor?”
“Ilia. Tell the truth. [picking up the razor] Did you cut yourself with this?”
Ilia, round-eyed and backing away wailed, “That’s daddy’s razor!”
Now, I’m kind of smiling because of the semantics. I held it up again and asked her to look at me. “Ilia. You need to tell mommy the truth. Mommy and daddy don’t like it when you lie. Did you cut yourself with this?”
She looked at me, looked at the razor and started crying. She walked back to the tissues, “That’s daddy’s razor!”
I can’t get over how stubborn she is.
I asked again, but got no answer. Fine. She knew she was busted and felt bad enough. I betcha now she’ll stay in bed.