The pain!

I’ve been practically unable to walk or sit since about noon. I have a horrid pain in my side, kinda like the pain I had when I was pregnant with Alton. Hopefully, it’s not another (the same?) cyst on my ovary or anything else. Poor me. ;P


3 thoughts on “The pain!

  1. Eeek! Don’t say that! Late last night, I started getting really bad pains in my back and I was convinced it was a kidney stone and I was going to have to just die because I don’t have the money for health care. LOL! This morning, the pain was not so bad. I could walk, hell we went to the auto show, but I am taking it easy.


  2. Glad to hear the pain’s somewhat better.
    Hopefully it’s not a kidney stone, but if it is, you really can help buy drinking cranberry juice. I’ve had them before.


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