The Hello Kitty doll

Ilia loves Hello Kitty. I can’t say I blame her. When we moved to California, I was introduced to Hello Kitty and fell in love. With the introductions of Keroppi and Chococat, my personal interest in Hello Kitty waned. The 4 year old doesn’t care. For her it’s all about Hello Kitty and she wants Hello Kitty everything. So, if you’ve read my sister’s blog the past few years, you’ll see that she makes stuff for her daughter all the time; hats, purses, accessories, etc…My husband says, “Can’t you do that with Ilia?” Sure. I grew up in the same household as my sister. We were both taught to sew and developed a love for making stuff. Adrian bought a sewing machine for Valentine’s day 7 years ago. I’ve begun tons of projects on it.

Note that I said ‘begun’. I very rarely finish a sewing project. In fact, out of the thousands of items I’ve sewed, I’ve probably completed 8 of them (2 pillows, 1 curtain, a scarf and 4 pairs of pants) by myself. Why? I can’t do zippers. I’m horrid at closing holes and I’m too lazy to finish the buttons, especially if they’re snaps. That’s not to say my projects, for the most part, weren’t finished, it’s just that my mother or my sister finished them for me. Now, I don’t talk to my mother and my sister lives in France, so I just have a box full of projects waiting for someone to finish them.

All this leads me back to the Hello Kitty doll. I saw this tutorial on flickr for making a doll out of felt. I thought, “Hey, I got loads of felt and a little girl who’d like a doll. Why not?” So, we got the sewing machine out of the garage and the box of craft stuff. I got a Hello Kitty photo and started.

I’m a little rusty with these things. I know I’m the type that just jumps into something without thinking and I proved with this thing. I cut the doll shape out, started sewing it up. Proud of myself and delighted by the look on the little girl’s face, I kept rockin’. Turned that bad boy inside out and started stuffing, only to remember that Hello Kitty wears overalls. No problem! I’ll just sew it on there. By hand. Here’s where I realize that it would have been smarter to sew the overall on first, then sew the two pieces together. That way, the front and the back will, uh…meet. Duh. Chagrined.

I tried to make the best of it, but my spirit had been broken by the fact that I missed the obvious. I proceeded to stuff the doll and close it up quite nicely. I was very impressed with how well I got her closed up. Chest puffed out I gloated until my husband said, ‘What about her face?” Fucker. Why does a cat need a face? Don’t try to muddy the waters with logic and crap.
I put on my best Republican hat and tried to spin it as a good thing she doesn’t have a face. I also did the GOP mantra of “mistakes were made”, barely mentioning the fact that I couldn’t find the glue sticks for my glue gun. Besides, the little girl LOVED it. She was already cuddling the white faceless form with a red patch on it, “It’s okay mommy, we can do it tomorrow.” Yes! That’s my girl. After all, tomorrow is another day.

Another day, I won’t do it. LOL!

And no, you don’t get a picture.