How feeble are we?

For the longest time, when you take our shower in our Purple Stall of Wonder, the water would back up. I’d yell at Adrian to clear his stinkin’ hair out of the drain when he got of the shower and go on my way. A couple of weeks ago, I went to take a shower and was completely grossed out by the “leavings” left on the floor of the stall. I cleaned, but when I ran the water, more back up. Oh well. We’ll have to get a plumber in when and if we can afford it. I took a bath. Shudder. I have bath issues. It’s so much of sitting in your own filth that kinda grosses me out. It’s the huge amount of water it wastes too. Anyway, I took a bath. For the past week, I’ve been unwilling to bathe but I did it anyway feeling grosser than I did when I got in. Today, it dawned on me that we still have 3 gigantic bottle of drain cleaner from when we live in our apt. I poured a third of one bottle down the drain and it’s now clear.

I wondered how two college educated adults didn’t figure it out months ago. Then it dawned on me that in our old apt. where we lived since ’99, whenever something like that happened we just called Alex or Elijah. If they didn’t move fast enough ( fast enough being in at least a week)–which was 99% of the time, we went to Smart & Final and picked up a bottle of whatever drain clearing stuff they had.

Now that we’re homeowners we’ve got to start being a little more proactive about what we let slide. Alex and Elijah aren’t even going to promise to show up.