Day – 14: I match my bathroom

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Day – 14: I match my bathroom, originally uploaded by fabooj.

I got dressed this morning in green pants and the purple shirt I wore in my picture yesterday. Then because I had to interact with people for work and it was freezing, I tossed on a black sweater. I looked at me and realized I looked pukey. Like my bathroom. That’s why I chose this location for the photo.


2 thoughts on “Day – 14: I match my bathroom

  1. Awe yes, I recognize the Pepto Bismal pink. A fried of mine painted her guest bathroom that color. If I am going over to her house, I try to go BEFORE I leave home. But she’s a great friend and I forgive her her choice of bathroom color.

    You posts are so enjoyable.
    Cheers, Elizabeth at A Wild Ride


  2. Actually, it’s lavender purple. Everything in the bathroom is that color including the toilet, tub AND sink.

    In my old apt. I painted our hallway that Pepto Bismol pink and had to quickly cover it with an eggplant-ish color!


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