Idiot of the Day: LA freeway drivers

Excluding me, of course. 8P

To the 60ish guy driving the white Lexus SUV on the 10 freeway heading west and getting off at Barranca: You’re a hamster-dicked fuckwad.

To the 60ish guy driving the white ridiculously large pickup truck: You’re a tool.

To the 50ish lady driving 45 in the left hand lane: Your license should be revoked.

To everyone who drives around with “I’m Saved” or “Real Mean Believe in God” sticker: At least to pretend to be Christian while on the road. The next person you drive off the road could be a priest, someone who hasn’t gotten around to being saved or your wife. Knock it off.

To the idiotstick driving the green Ford pickup truck, going 40 mph on an on-ramp, I wish I could say I’m sorry I drove around you, but I really had to pee.


One thought on “Idiot of the Day: LA freeway drivers

  1. Ah. I love how hostile I get on the freeways in this town. I’ve never called anyone a “cocksucker motherfucker” to their face… or told an old lady to “MOVE BITCH!” in person.


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