Happy Thanksgiving!

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Happy Thanksgiving!, originally uploaded by fabooj.

Ilia’s been begging me to wear that dress forever, so finally she got her 3rd chance to wear it. She just loved it. For some reason, I don’t have dressy clothes for Alton, so we had to make do. Don’t ask me about her pose. When I asked her, she said, “So I look pretty in the pictures.”

Adrian took the kids down to see his mom, while I stayed home and fixed up the kids room. That was nice. I’d rather have been in Kansas City, but anything that keeps me out of Orange County on Thanksgiving is ideal.

After they got back (way too soon!), we went to S & T’s for dinner. I left my camera, but A took pics so hopefully he’ll get them to us. The food was good, even though I was stuck with a drumstick. I had to chastise S over the use of walnuts, but we’re happy that she’s stop using chestnuts on everything. At any rate, due to the fact that certain people who I detest weren’t at S & T’s, it was very nice to be there. I have to say that not being in the courtyard was much nicer, even though I couldn’t drink as much as I wanted. 😉


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