Man…who knew that actually leaving the house could be so draining…we started out headed toward (evil) Michaels because I needed felt for that stupid Hello Kitty doll. So we did that, then got wrapped up in Christmas stuff. Adrian wants a Christmas tree. I’m against it. He figures because there are kids that Christmas should be forced on them.

I told him that I don’t want any part of it. I tried to ignore it, but he’s got such bad taste that I had to say something. The ornaments he was oohing and aahing over were hideous. Like overweight undereducated platinum blond big hair hideous. You know they were the ornamental equivalent of Christmas sweaters with sequins and rhinestones. There is no way in hell that stuff was coming into my house. Then we saw the white glittery tree with lights attached. It was spinning and hooked up to it was an obnoxious sound system playing obnoxious Christmas songs. I started toward the knitting needles to gouge my eardrums. Adrian said, “Oh man, we need that!” Good Lord almighty! Needless to say, a pointless discussion ensued and I’ll never get those minutes back.

Then we headed to Old Town, which I didn’t want to do but the (evil) Container Store is there and we need, um…containers. Not that I bought any. Every time I walk into that store with the best of plans, but then I walk out indignant at the exorbitant prices. There was a $13 lipstick container. I’m sure if I owned a store, that place would be heaven for me (not counting the hundreds of online stores that sell the same stuff for way cheaper), but I don’t, so it’s not. I don’t know what’s more offensive; that they sell cheap-looking products for high prices or that they act like their offerings are original and tack on higher prices. Then there’s the lines. IKEA has ridiculous lines, but at least they move. At this particular store, if there are 3 people in front of you, guaranteed it’s a 10 minute wait. Today, we stood in line for 13 minutes. To buy mounting tape (incredibly it’s actually cheaper there than everywhere else!).

On top of all of this, the kids were being incredible brats. There were tears and shrieks and the the kids were making noise too. Ugh.

We also ran into S & T. They were eating at the Nepalese restaurant we had considered eating at. That was pretty funny, since we last saw them at Thanksgiving, but hadn’t seen them at all in the past year.

Anyway, at the Container Store, Adrian was convinced that their rail system was overpriced, so we wound up at Home Depot where he was proven right (not really, but for the sake of argument…). That sucked up even more time, but luckily we managed not to spend a dime there (yay!).

So that was a very no good day.