Baby boy is talking!

He’s been saying words, but this past week, we’ve gotten a lot of sentences from him. He’s a pretty funny kid. His big thing is “Oh, man!”, but he pronounces it “Aw, mane!”. I taught him to snap his arm when he says it. He had been either hitting his head or slapping his leg when he says it. Like when he dropped his sippy cup, leg slap, “Aw, mane!”.

Usually when he does something bad and we see him, he usually says, ‘Bad, bad, bad!”. He’s been doing that for a year. Lately, when he does something he’s not supposed to, he says, “OOOOOooooooh! Teacher! Teacher!” Leading us to believe that that school was full of tattletales.

When we got home, I was writing and he tried to grabbed my pen. I took the pen and tapped it on his ginormous forehead. He grabbed his head and said, ‘Oh. My head! Dat hurt mama! Bad, bad, bad! No hit!”. Lesson learned.

One last one…Adrian was just taking out the trash and carried the bag from the diaper pail through. Alton said, ‘Ew, dat’s stinky!”

Considering that Adrian told me when the little girl was in bed she said, ‘Oh man, my frickin’ feet are cold. Damn!” I’m a little more than worried to hear what the boy’s gonna be saying in 2 years.