I’d never thought I’d see the day Musharraf would leave the army. Over the past 8 years, the Pakistani General/President has promised to quit the army while being a leader and had always managed to break that promise.

RAWALPINDI, Pakistan – A grim-faced Pervez Musharraf bid farewell to his fellow generals Tuesday, a day before quitting as army chief in a move that could ease Pakistan‘s political crisis.

If you’ll recall, earlier this month Musharraf called emergency rule in Pakistan, imprisoning lawyers who were trying to uphold the country’s constitution, removing media from the airwaves and imposing a strict curfew. Today, he has released many of his opponents and have allowed most of the stations back on the air. Now all he has to do is lift the emergency rule in its entirety.

These events will make the upcoming general election much more interesting. Already many opponents have filed and are trying to bring together a slate of candidates to take a majority over Musharraf’s party.

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