Does it make me a geek?

On Saturday, I got 3 catalogs from PosterGarden in the mail. I don’t know how I got on their mailing list, but I did and under 3 different company names. Anway, I flipped through just amazed at their low prices and what looks like quality tradeshow booths. I immediately began fantasizing about going to tradeshows to sell my jewelry. All I need is a cool booth! Poster Garden doesn’t just have booths, they sell everything, from floors to chairs to tables. Oh man. I thought of all the cool ways I could created my wonderful 10’x10′ environment. It would be all cluttered like most jewerly booths. Mine would have ambiance and stuff.

Alas, not only can I not afford to by a cool full color graphic tent with sidewalls, tablerunners and neat flooring, but I don’t even have that much jewelry to display!