Kindle revisited

I wrote about Kindle, Amazon’s new ebook the other day. After I wrote that post, something about the name kept bothering me. Yesterday morning, I realized that ‘kindle’ brings to mind fire, which equals book-burning, which makes you think that they chose the name Kindle to prove that their new gadget is a textile book killer.

Or maybe I’m just jumping to conclusions.

I wasn’t going to mention my thoughts, but then in this morning’s LA Times, there’s an article in the business section on Kindle. I scanned it looking to see if the author picked up on the name thing and he did. David Colker writes:

Kindle (the name is a reference to the word “inspire,” according to the packaging, but there’s an unfortunate association with book burning) sports a 3½-inch-by-4¾-inch screen and a miniature keyboard.

Inspire? Right…