2007 Environmental Youth Conference

Driving down Broadway in Lincoln Heights, I noticed this billboard (PDF) on a bus stop. It wasn’t there last week, when we went to Ikea. If you clicked the link it had all the same info as the bus stop. It was for the 2007 Environmental Youth Conference hosted by the City of LA. It’s on Dec. 8th at the LA Convention Center. It tells you to call a 213 number or visit milliontreesla.org. Since this is the City of LA we’re talking about, I decided to forgo the chance of being led on a phone circle jerk and hit the Million Trees site. What I found was a link to the flyer.

I’ve been searching around the internet since I got home and I can’t find a thing on this. I mean, topics of discussion or anything. When you get to City’s website, you actually have to type in the conference name. Then it takes to a generic “youth” page, with this blurb:

The 2007 Environmental Youth Conference Climate Change: How it impacts us now How we can make a difference.

The search on the City’s site just takes you to more City pages that have nothing to do with the conference itself. Which leads me to wonder 1) what exactly is going to be there and 2) exactly what kind of outreach is the City doing on this? The billboard/flyer tells you nothing except basic facts. In the search on the site, you find a link (PDF) to An Environmental Affair newsletter. I don’t know who or where this newletter is distributed, but I know that I didn’t not receive on in the mail or on my front porch. It isn’t until page 6 that you get to the blurb on the conference:

Environmental Youth Conference The City of Los Angeles invites city youth agest 12 – 21 to be a part of the environmental youth conference at the LA Convention Center. Enjoy a fun-filled event and learn about climate change, environmentally friendly practices and “green” careers. The event is free of charge.

Insult to injury, you learn in the last sentence that you have to hit, you get guessed it, milliontreesla.org.

Now it shouldn’t be this difficult, but even going to the Calendar of Events on milliontreesla.org is enough to want to put a fist through your monitor. Type in Dec. 8 and click on the link to the event. Guess where it takes you? Go ahead. Yep…right back to the homepage for milliontreesla.org.

Since it’s obvious the City doesn’t want the general public to know what they plan on doing to our youth, it is only my assumption that they’re going to eat the bad kids, therby teaching the good kids how to reuse and recycle, ending discipline problems and hopefully raising test scores across LAUSD.


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