At least the car will be clean…

It’s raining. The paper said there was a 30% chance of rain, so naturally it rained. If it said 65% chance of rain, it would have just been cloudy. So, now that I’m feeling a little better, I can take the kids out the house, and it starts raining. That means we’re kinda stuck in the house, for there is no drama greater than rain-induced Iliadrama. The little girl must accessorize to death just to get into the car. If I make her leave one piece of crap at home, she screams, so forlorn, like the love of her life has sailed away forever. Don’t even get me started on the umbrella and the boot episodes.

I had plans to take the kids ice skating this morning, but that’s not happening so long as water is falling from the sky. Maybe I’ll finally tackle that Hello Kitty doll.