Another ballet recital


6 thoughts on “Another ballet recital

  1. Ilia is CLEARLY the only human being with any talent on that entire stage (and she’s got it in spades) . . . She’s so graceful & fluidA AND she had the mental capacity to memorize the choreography.

    Congrats to Ilia for a job well done. It’s so great that she enjoys it and wants to continue.


  2. Bad edit on my part ….. I meant to say …..

    . . . graceful & fluid AND she has the mental capacity UNLIKE ALL THOSE OTHER LITTLE ones to memorize the choreography.


  3. Thanks! We were so proud of her. The last time, she did the dances, but she was a little off because she had to do each part perfectly. This time, she practiced a lot more before the recital. I’d pull up the YouTube videos of songs and she’s dance her little heart out.

    We all just watched the videos again this morning and she adores it. She said, “Mommy, I want to be on TV and dance!” Yikes! Since she was born people have been pressuring me to get her on TV. Now that we don’t have much work, I’m lacking excuses besides laziness. The only thing I can hope for is rejection, LOL!


  4. Then again, from what I know about you, she’ll develop with a great value system….. and you know the pop culture scene REALLY NEEDS stars w/ good values … so you could cash in AND be doing a civic duty for us all.

    Ooh–I suppose she’s too young to see Fame. “I wanna live forever!” She’ll make an amazing ballerina! 🙂


  5. Uh…YouTube, remember? LOL!!! She’s seen Fame. It’s funny because the theme song to Fame sounds like the theme song ot Jem, so she’s sings:

    I’m gonna make it to heaven
    Light up the sky like a flame

    I’m gonna live forever
    Baby remember my name

    Jem (Jem)
    The music’s contagious (outrageous)
    Jem is my name
    No one else is the same
    Jem is my name


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