DCCC = Ship of Fools

In my “spam email”, I got a letter from Brian Wolf of the DCCC telling me all about some “Sunday Showdown with Karl Rove.” I ignored it because it’s from the DCCC, but mainly because the Democrats in the House should spend less time focusing on a tool and more time on actually doing their jobs (that would be carrying out the will of the people you nitwits). But, this is the new generation of Democrats. The only people more chickenshit than chickenhawk Republicans. Their idea of leadership is rolling over.

Today, I checked my spam email to see another email from Wolf regarding the Showdown. This I decided to click. I find that not only did the DCCC decide to go head-to-head with Karl Rove, but they decided to do it on Fox “News” of all places. What they hell are they thinking over there? Why does the DCCC insist on giving credence to a propaganda machine? It would be mind-boggling if I didn’t already know that the leadership at the DCCC are simpletons who simply do stuff like this so that Fox (of all media outlets) won’t talk bad about them…even though they will. Morons.

The whole point of the emails were to deny Rove’s recent statements that it was Congress who wanted to go to war, not the Bush Administration. The only type of person who would believe those statements are someone who’s been asleep for the last 7 years or one of those true believer nutjobs who actually believe the stories told on Fox “News”. From the pre-show email:

Lately Karl Rove has been going around town, blaming Congress for starting the failed war in Iraq. That’s right — he is actually trying to make people forget that President Bush started this disastrous war in a ludicrous attempt to rewrite the history books.

Even former White House Chief of Staff Andy Card confirmed that what Rove said was simply not true. He tried to explain Rove’s spin. When asked if it was true, Card said, “no.” He then explained Rove’s lie by saying “Well, Karl is very smart. He’s — sometimes his brain gets ahead of his mouth. And sometimes his mouth gets ahead of his brain.”

Okay…that’s still not enough to get to me to watch Fox “News”. Then we get this bit of info in the post-show recap:

Chairman Van Hollen took him to task and demanded he retract these outrageous statements. While Rove did a verbal tap dance, cherry picking information, the Chairman pulled out his trump card. This quote from Ari Fleischer:

“It was definitely the Bush administration that set it in motion and determined the timing, not the Congress. I think Karl in this instance just has his facts wrong.”

Rove looks dumbfounded that someone finally stood up to him and called out his fabrications face-to-face. Watch the video of Chris Van Hollen and contribute to help us continue holding Bush’s Rubber Stamp Republicans accountable. Don’t let them rewrite history and use their spin to promote their concocted story.

The emails actually gush, where anyone who’s followed politics the past 30 years could have told you that that’s exactly what would have happened. Know what else is going to happen? Not a damn thing. No traditional media outlet will pick up on this. They’ll quote Rove, with no backup documentation on hist statments, then write, “Naturally, some Congressional Democrats disagree with this outlook.” That’s your fucking story there, DCCC. I know it. You know it. You exhort me to write letters to the editor, but what exactly is that going to accomplish? What are you doing to get the story out? What have you done? Are your little conference calls with increasingly useless and blinded-by-access major liberal bloggers actually getting anything done?

And you know that the emails both ended with a plea for money.