My husband the dork

I walked in the bathroom to see him cleaning. When Adrian cleans, that sometimes means I have to reclean. So, I see him cleaning the mirror and I said, “I hope you’re not…”, he turned and said mockingly, “Oh be quiet with your second-guessing BS.” (this is because he always second guesses everything I do, even though he denies it). I looked at him, then watched him take the bug spray, spray it on the paper towel start to clean the mirror.

I said, “See. I was about to say: ‘I hope you’re not using the bug spray to clean.’, but I then saw the glass cleaner there and assumed…”

“Oh shit! I am using the bug spray! I wonder how long I’ve been using that to clean?”, he yelped. He did a quit survey around the room. “Oh well, at least there won’t be any bugs.”.



3 thoughts on “My husband the dork

  1. ROFL!!!!!! Oh man…this is the best entry I’ve read today 🙂 This is definitely something my hubby would do…. Maybe I’ll leave a can of bug spray around and see if he’ll bite 😉


  2. I’m still laughing over this thing and he’s probably going to go on strike from anything. One thing’s for sure, I’ll be watching closer next time.


  3. LMAO. Oh god.
    Everytime I criticize mine for helping – like re-loading the dishwasher, because I can always fit twice as much stuff in as he can – he just quits doing it. I’d be tempted just to let him use the bug spray.


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