The little girl loves some music

I’m pretty proud of imparting my love of Bollywood movies to the little girl. She’s picked up some great dance moves and is pretty good at it. You should have seen her “Indian Pat-a-cake” dance routine. It was even 6 minutes long. Righteous.


The other day, while cleaning I had the Music Choice channels on. Since the R&B channel annoys Adrian (“old Black lady music” to him and he’s clamoring for a soul/funk channel) and the reggae channel was playing soca, which annoys me after a few, don’t even get me started on utter crap they were playing on the salsa channel, we went to the retro-active channel. This like the Richard Blade wetdream of music; Haircut 100, The Divinyls, The Cure, Kate Bush, etc…The one thing about this channel is that you get to hear the new wave music, radio stations may not have played back in the day.

Did you know that Bananarama had a song called Robert DeNiro’s Waiting? I didn’t it and it’s not a bad song, it’s just strange that a band, that is basically a cover band (IMO), wrote a song entitled that. Anyway, this song is playing and Ilia points out that they look like Jem, which killed me. Then she starts talking (as usual) and then says, “You know what mama? I think I like the Go-Gos better than Bananarama.” That’s my girl. The Go-Gos are better than Bananarama. Then she proceeded to sing Vacation. Complete with Bollywood dance moves.


3 thoughts on “The little girl loves some music

  1. ::sniff:: a girl after my own heart. heh.

    You know, if you want nice kurta kameezes, I’d go to the Little India part of Artesia Blvd. Mind you, it’s been a couple years since I went that way, but they’ve got stuff from the home country.


  2. I was afraid you’d say that. I can’t ever find anything down there that fits me. That is unless I want 500 billion sequins and mirrors on it. I’m talking decades of shopping down there never find anything. I used to make my own for everyday wear, but even fabric prices seems to make it more economical to just buy them. I still have all my scarves, but since my butt seriously expanded over the years, I gave all my outfits to the mosque like 12 years ago.

    Oh well, Adrian wants to get down there for some food supplies and Ilia wants me to buy her some movies (BTW, her favorite actress is a toss up between Karisma Kapoor and Aishwarya Rai), especially Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam, maybe we’ll make it a rainy weekend trip.


  3. Karishma! Definitely Karishma. I’m one of those people who find Aishwarya over-rated.

    I know what you mean about the over-sequencing. You can maybe check and see if you can find “cut pieces”, where they have the pieces cut and you either sew them together yourself or take them to a tailor.
    I know. I’m not much help.


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