I’m being blog snubbed!

How’s this for funny…There’s a blog I found recently that I really liked, I mean, I emailed just about everyone I knew about this blog. I’ve made a few comments over the past few weeks and even blogrolled the site. I just visited it again today to see how the blogger was doing as something bad just happened to her and see that all of my comments have been deleted, even the one sympathizing over her misfortune. All 3 of them, gone. One comment, I know for sure was there on Monday and today it’s gone. It makes the next comment replying to me seem a bit weird.

Oh well, that freed up a spot on my blog roll! LOL!!!


9 thoughts on “I’m being blog snubbed!

  1. I’ve never heard of blog snubbing…amazing!

    Although I sometimes don’t post comments I wouldn’t delete one after allowing it.

    I don’t think I like the message that sends…


  2. LOL…I think it’s kinda funny. I couldn’t imagined deleting comments after I or someone else has responded to them, but that’s how it goes I guess.


  3. WTF? I can understand deleting a single comment, maybe, if you find it offensive or just don’t want it on your blog… but deleting a whole PERSON? That’s just weird.


  4. Hey there, Faboo Mama. I’ve been lurking around your blog and have quite enjoyed it. If you leave comments on my blog, I would never dream of deleting them. You ROCK!


  5. I wish I had said something offensive, even if it was just foot-in-the-mouth offensive, but my comments were something like:

    1. That’s so sweet. BTW, I really like your blog. (mid-Nov.)

    2. That looks yummy. (after Thanksgiving–this is the one where someone replied to me with a recipe and asked me a question)

    3. OMG, that’s horrible. I hope the person/people responsible get caught. I know how you feel, so I hope you have someone there you can talk to. (Sometime the last week of Nov.)

    Maybe she just doesn’t like my blog, even though that would be a weird reason to delete my comments.


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