When crafters goes bad and good again

I’ve been known to look at utter crap and carefully stow it away for another day, “Maybe I can make something with this button, used dental floss and tampon box. If only I had gum wrapper…”. Yeah, sometimes I get downright MacGyver. That being said, I’ll never understand how or why some decided to create things out of trash just because they can. Take this post on craftster.com (grrrrr yet another -ster site) entitled, More SODA CAN Trinkets. That means, that this person actually had previously posted something maybe entitled, SODA CAN Trinkets. Now, I’ll be the first to admit that I sorta like, but will never actually carry those purses made from aluminum cans. That’s just way too much like advertising for my tastes. What I will not do is collect pull tabs from cans just to make a belt, purse or ugly brooch.

I think what kills me the most about that site are the comments. The people were gushing over the trinkets. Then you get to the last comment, where she suggests Arizona Tea cans and posts a link to her items created with aluminum cans.

Then all I hope for is some money to buy those super cool accessories made by doxiemama. And, if you’re feeling bad for not buying me a birthday gift, here’s a link to her Etsy shop: Little Libelle.


4 thoughts on “When crafters goes bad and good again

  1. All I can think is that woman spent that all the time and energy making ugly things out of soda cans – time that could have been used for so many more worthwhile things…to….oh…say… tutor inner city children? Feed the homeless? Um… read some philosophy for self-improvement? Um… scrub her bathroom tiles with a toothbrush?


  2. You know…I was going to go there, but then I thought about all the ugly and useless crap I’ve spent time doing (like blogging! gasp!!) or making when I could have been doing something useful too. Then again, I’ve never posted pictures of my ugly stuff online.

    I wonder if she really wears that stuff out and what people say to her when they see it. Especially that brooch thing. That was some serious summer camp level craftiness.

    Friends don’t let friends wear soda tab pins.


  3. LOL.
    Ok. You’re right. I should be nice because I make things other people might think are ugly. And I don’t even spend the kind of time or care she spent on the soda tab thingee.
    Once I saw a kid wearing a “chain-mail” vest that he had made out of soda tabs though – that was COOL.


  4. Well, I am amazed at the stuff that can be done with that. Like that Mountain Dew tree.

    That said, I have no interest in wearing pop-top clothes or whatever or doing that myself.

    I do have a friend who makes spaceships out of cans and hangs them from a mobile when he’s bored and on volunteer shift, though, so maybe I shouldn’t judge.


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