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OMG…I wasn’t going to blog about this, but I just checked my inbox. Let me just say, to everyone who keeps emailing and messaging me asking if I’m going back to DailyKos the answer is a flat out no. It’s the same reason you’ll never find me at FireDogLake. Blackface is not acceptable to me. Not in any way, shape or form. And since people like that aren’t really interested in reducing their own innate racism, I’m no longer interested in trying to teach them anything.

Miss Laura used the excuse that people had to put up with homophobic remarks (none of which I saw personally, so I don’t even know if that’s true), so racism in that respect is totally okay. That’s such an incredible bullshit POV, as black people on that blog have to deal with racism there almost every day and I don’t recall ever seeing any black person posting offensive homosexual stereotype stuff.

So, no. I will not be posting on DailyKos ever again even under an assumed name. That ain’t my style. And if you ever think of using blackface to make a point, here’s a handy chart from ebogjonson that let’s you know when it’s okay.


8 thoughts on “Me and DailyKos

  1. Well I haven’t gone to egogjohnson yet but I will after I write this.

    I can’t imagine EVER thinking using blackface is okay. EVER!

    I was raised in the south by very southern parents that always treat everyone with the respect that they wanted.

    My dad worked as a contractor when I was a kid. One night well after bedtime he called to have my mom bring us to the job site (some- thing he never did). So in our pjs we went to the site where he was intsalling electric on a part of the buiding that had been closed up for years. Behind the wall that had been torn out that day were bathrooms still labeled with signs- Men-Women-Colored. I will never ever ever forget that!



  2. I agree… the only one I can imagine being vaguely “acceptable” is Dave Chappelle, but I’m white so what the hell do I know about what’s “acceptable” here. I mean, that’s touchy! I had a Japanese friend years ago who opened a posh salon and named it “Japs”, and it got burned down a couple of weeks after opening. I think even if you’re “joking”, you’re bound to offend most people. It just isn’t that funny.


  3. Fab- we still miss you over there. Still, many of us respect your decision.

    I think lots of us filed away the ‘no harm, no foul’ reaction of many of the fp’ers and regular posters, with the knowledge that our uneasy alliance is for electoral purposes only, and in the real world I (we?) might not have any use for lots of these folks. 2 cents.

    God Bless.

    -Mal (malharden from dkos)


  4. I found this Hillary in blackface image on Undercover Black Man and thought about posting it to dKos but did not because of you and because of ebogjonson’s chart.

    still, I’m interested in your response to it, if any.


  5. I saw that…it’s still offensive, but I believe the picture was to go with the offensive words of Shelby “Moronicus” Steele who said that Ms. Clinton was blacker than Obama.


  6. yes it was a comment on Steele, who seems like an unlikely person to pass judgment on anyone’s blackness, but that’s just my opinion.


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