My kids kill me. It’s so fun watching them because it makes you so aware of how observant they are. Alton’s personality has come out a lot more lately. Maybe it’s because we see him 24 hours a day now, but he’s a serious crack up. He still saves most of it for Ilia, but sometimes you catch him…

He came to me and said, “Shh…I have work.” and walked out the room. It took me awhile to get what he said, so naturally I had to follow:

Setting up his "laptop"

Ilia was in the room and he kept shushing her and getting “exasperated” like me and Adrian do when we’re trying to work and the kids keep bothering us. The look on his face was priceless when he turned around and said, “No! Shhhhh!!”. Then he went back to work:

Alton working

4 thoughts on “Imagination

  1. LOL! That is classic 🙂 With the computer and everything! I’m sure my daughter will be like this too.
    Looks like we have the same kiddie table! Mine is covered in crayon mess though 😦


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