Green Bean Casserole

Can someone please explain the green bean casserole thing to me? Black people don’t eat that (super-blanket statement here). What I mean is that I’ve never met a black person who’s made it and everyone I know was introduced to it via a friend from college. I mean, it’s not like part of our traditional holiday meals, y’know?

Let me interject a funny story here: So it’s me, 2 Filipino guys, 2 Latino guys, 3 Egyptian guys and a white guy. All of us had spent the holidays with friends. So we’re sitting around talking about our experiences. Everything gets quiet and one guy who spent the holidays with his girlfriend’s family said, “Green bean casserole.” All of us looked up, looks of horror spread across our faces. One of the Latino guys said, “Yeah. What was up with that?” We all turned to the white guy. He said, “Beats me. My mom makes it every year and no one eats it.”

My friends just say, “It like turkey at Thanksgiving. You just do it.” That’s not satisfactory to me. This is a dish that is visually unappealing to me and taste-wise lives up to its looks. I understand that Campbell’s developed the recipe, but it seems pretty strange to me that a large chunk of America eats something every holiday based on a manufacturer’s recipe. It’s just that people get excited over it, but from what I’ve seen it’s always the one dish that mostly untouched.

So, why? Is it the taste? Do you do it just for tradition sake? Do your guest genuinely like it? I’m curious.


7 thoughts on “Green Bean Casserole

  1. This post cracked me up! I feel the exact same way about green bean casserole. Every year somebody has to bring it to Thanksgiving and I think for the most part everybody just stares at it like WTF, nobody eats that crap.

    I think for some people, they just make it because it is something they got into the tradition to doing. I’m convinced no sane person would actually enjoy it.


  2. My husband adores it, and the only thing I do differently is add cheddar cheese to the sauce.

    I’ve never tried it, since I’m allergic to mushrooms, and well it looks like vomit.


  3. I had a green bean casserole once, but it was actually green beans, cabbage and onions mixed together, baked a long time until the cabbage and beans were soft and the onions almost disappeared, with a lot of white pepper and garlic in it, and a lot of cheese on top.

    It was good.

    But it wasn’t a holiday dish.

    I don’t think I’ve even seen the Campbell’s soup version.


  4. @TBM: Cream of mushroom soup and those fried onions on top. Suzy Smith is right, it looks like vomit. Old crusty puke. I can only imagine that the evil geniuses (genii?) employed by Campbell’s were force to develop the recipe to boost sales of the soup. I mean, have you seen CoM come out of the can? No one in their right minds would eat that on purpose.


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