Ah, cry me a river

CNNs Political Ticker is reporting Oprah getting some backlash from people (we can assume they’re viewers, though I doubt it). Why is she getting backlash? Racists weirdos for one. CNN does what we expect the media to do and just pick and choose some quotes. I went to the site and it seems that it’s split evenly. But just a cursory glance got me curious, so I did 3 whole minutes of digging:

So there’s a post started by dave3032 who’s been a member of the Oprah.com online community since, um…today:

Oprah should be ashamed of herself, she is using her audience to support a man running for President only because he is Black. Oprah should realize a good percentage, if not most of her viewers are non-african americans. I can’t believe this woman, who has touched our hearts, has spit on them. Shame on you Oprah, race shouldn’t be an issue, at least not for someone like yourself who expresses love, yet you are expressing you own personal agenda.

I wonder if dave3032 had these same concerns when people like Barbara Streisand endorsed Clinton or Chuck Norris endorsed Huckabee. I mean, white people endorsing white people. What the fuck is up with that? I’m never going to listen to another Streisand song again…oh wait, I don’t anyway. Doesn’t Chuck Norris know that not everyone who watches him in movies and TV aren’t evangelicals. What’s his agenda?

Yeah, dave3032 is a moron. But unfortunately, nowhere near as stupid as the people in this thread. There’s so much dumb in there, that I can’t even post any of it. Just read it and wallow in the ignorance, racism, and xenophobia. I lost 12 IQ points and I only read the first two pages. The headache continues in the Is There a White Only Sign Posted on the White House Door?. The post devolves into who is to blame for slavery (black people are in case you’re wondering) and other frivolous nonsense. I think someone in there actually called the Senator the Antichrist.

You’ll notice a few users, like killerbee6 mixing it up on these post. He’s another user who’s been a member since today. Just like wdcinform, who has posted pretty much the same thing in all 4 posts. I’m going to assume that the Oprah message board is unlike any other message board and doesn’t get that many trolls. Other that, I really can’t explain why long time users are giving people who’ve been members since today so much credence.