Big props to LAPDs Hollenbeck Division

Talk about fast police response. Time from when I heard squealing tires to the point where the helicopter flew in had to be about 1 – 2 min. I’m assuming the AM/PM got robbed again and they were there like that!

GIANT difference of response from when I lived off Melrose Ave. in the Fairfax District. Time between my assault and police showing up? ~3hrs. The Smart & Final over there would get hit every Thursday around 8pm for almost 3 months. Police wouldn’t show up until about 10 or 11pm.


2 thoughts on “Big props to LAPDs Hollenbeck Division

  1. I just looked up “Hollenbeck Division” . . . being an L.A. resident, I thought, “Hmmm, where’s that?” Came across LAPD’s website. There’s a page called: Hollenbeck Division Goals. Pretty interesting. “Goal Number Four: Reduce Serious and Fatal Traffic Collisions by Five Percent” Not 10%. 5%. And this one, “Goal Number Six: Reduce All Repressible Crimes by 3%” . . . did they have a meeting? Someone suggested a reduction of 7% and someone else said, “That’s too ambitious.” I’m not knocking the Hollenbeck Division – just finding their PR “PRy”.


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