Funniest Overheard Conversation of the Day

I’m in Claremont Village, waiting to cross the street and some guy is booming his music out of his truck. That song Back in the Day by Ahmad was on. Two kids who were about 16 walked up behind me, one guy said, “Oh shit, that’s the jam! and started singing…’Back in the day when I was young I’m not a kid any more’–“.

His friend looked at him like he was crazy, he said, “What are you talking about ‘the jam’? Not a kid? You just turned 16 asshole.”
“Yeah, but the song captures the essence of a childhood. We studied it in my music class. Remember when life was free and you didn’t have worries and stuff? And the part,

You could tell the ballers ’cause they be all wearing Gazelles
If they really had money raised be sportin BK’s
And, all the girls had they turkish link
If it broke—

(At this point, I had to follow them just to listen to (and record) the rest of the conversation.) His friend had stopped and said, “Listen, you were raised in Claremont jus—no you ARE BEING raised in Claremont just like me. I don’t know what Gazelles are. What the hell are Turkish links? Do you know? You were born in 1991. That song was probably 3 years old by the time you were born (ed note: wrong) and you’re still a white boy from a college town in the ‘burbs. Get that? There’s no ‘back in the day’! The best you can hope for is remembering when Britney Spears was hot and the first time you saw American Idol.”

Yeah, that was me rolling on the ground on 1st Street.