Lucy, Lucy, Lucy…

Nation TV filmed Lucy Kibaki slapping the official during an independence day celebration at State House in Nairobi.

He had mistakenly introduced Kenya’s first lady by the name of the woman widely alleged to be her love rival.

You get that?  She was introduced as the other woman and went upside his head.  AND had the tape erased.  This isn’t even the first time she got medieval on someone’s ass.  Two years ago, she beat a cameraman when she stormed a tv channel’s offices for covering her fighting with a neighbor.  

But you know that that’s not even the point.  An official just casually said, “And here is Monica Mary.” It’s a well-known rumour that President Mwai Kibaki has another wife, something that’s somewhat normal in Kenya.  Still he denies it.  Well, actually Lucy denies it, though apparently among his inner circle it’s a “known known”.

On New Year’s Eve, the vice president, Moody Awori, toasted a stunned Lucy Kibaki as Kenya’s “second lady.” He has said it was a slip-up and apologized profusely. But his toast made public reference for the first time to the fact that the president of Kenya has two wives, and while Lucy is actually the first wife — and first lady — she is definitely not the only wife. From that moment, newspapers have been full of stories about the “war of wives.”

Damn.  I wonder she slapped him too?