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As may be obvious, I don’t want Sen. Clinton to be president. Ever. That being said, I won’t be unhappy if she wins and I will vote for her if she’s the nominee. But I’m sick and tired of people saying “America isn’t ready for a female president”. Granted, most of those people are of the tub o’ lard, small penis persuasion, they’re sexist most certainly and most definitely Republican mouthpieces. (I highly suggest you don’t click those links unless you got some Brain Bleach nearby or a will for stupidity.)

Still, you’ve got to wonder what is about America that these blowhardinous nutjobs don’t think we’re ready to have a female leader. Loads of other countries have had female leaders. England had Thatcher, Germany has Merkel. There was Bhutto in India and the Philippines have had many female presidents. Even Argentina has elected their first female president (who was recently first lady).

Their protests are a study in sexism and misogyny. No argument is too stupid, vacuous or improbable for those folks. They spend inordinate amounts of time and energy putting down women in general, elected female Democrats specifically and then spout nonsense. Their mindless listeners will only regurgitate numbnuttery without using any critical thinking skills or questioning why. This creates an irrational cycle, where the listeners call up, parroting the lines they just heard on the radio or read on a blog, and the hosts puff up, “See! American speaks!”.

Yeah, so tell me again why “American isn’t ready for a female president”.


2 thoughts on “Female president

  1. Fabooj, this is one of the most entertaining bits I’ve read in a while.

    Is ‘merica ready for a female president? You betcha, just the right one hasn’t shown up. The dem’s have one that may get the nomination, but sadly she is too devisive in my not so humble opinion to snag the mid section and dreaded 7 southern states to pull off the big election.

    Personally I can’t wait for this election to be over. The Republicans are likely holding back waiting for the Dems to step up the rhetoric and slamming until they shoot the party in the foot but good, then they’ll have figured out what hot buttons to court with a candidate and sweep again. My guess, likley wrong but it follows the pattern. I really hate the politicing and campaigning part of the process.

    I so enjoy what you toss up here for the world to see. – frazgo


  2. Please let this election end! I’m a political junkie. I have been since I was like 6. I’ve always watched the debates and I have an election day party at my house every time we vote. Even I am burned out by this election. The other day, I looked at my calendar and thought, “Damn, we still got almost a year to go!”. I’m tired of debates. Can you believe that? I haven’t watched or listened to the last 5 debates. Instead, I catch the clips online when I can. Me! I’m the person who sends my husband on wild goose chases throughout LA just so I can watch a debate in peace.

    And yes, it’s only a matter of time before the Dem. candidates get nasty with each other and start giving the GOP fodder. They do it every time. Why stop now?


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