Madonna’s in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame


Yes, the Like a Virgin Madonna. The Ray of Light Madonna. The Hung Up Madonna.

I actually think Ray of Light is the only song that is closest to “Rock and Roll”, but seriously? Madonna? I think the voters/judges/whoevers just made the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame a joke. What the hell has Madonna contributed to rock? I’d like to know that. When I first heard she was a nominee, I laughed and thought “No way anyone would be stupid enough to think Madonna belongs in the Hall.” Boy was I wrong.

I guess it’s safe to assume that being inducted is like getting a star on Hollywood Blvd. To get a star, all a person needs to do is raise the money and have witless fans write letters. That’s why one-offs have gotten stars recently. People who haven’t contributed or raised their art forms can get stars just by agitation. Madonna has done nothing for rock. I thought that Grandmaster Five and the Furious Five and REM were bad inductees last year, but at least REM was a better choice than freakin’ Madonna.