Like this is a surprise

AP is reporting that Joe Lieberman (I-Conn) is endorsing McCain. Like I said, it’s not surprising he’s endorsing a Republican. But damn…Chris Dodd, his fellow Connecticut Senator is running. Dodd not only endorsed Lieberman in ego-driven campaigns for the presidency, but endorsed him even last year against the true Democrat running, Ned Lamont.

That’s gotta sting.

The adviser, who spoke on the condition of anonymity in advance of the formal announcement, said Lieberman would continue to caucus with Senate Democrats, and said his decision was not a reflection of any lingering tension with his old party after high-profile Democrats abandoned him when he lost the Democratic primary during his 2006 Senate re-election campaign.

Yeah right…Even though Clinton finally endorsed him in the primary, she sorta stopped after he lost against Lamont. Everyone said that they’d support the Democratic nominee. Lieberman, so desperate to stay in DC, created his own political party after he lost the Democratic primary (a party of which he was supposed to have registered under, but illegally has failed to do so) did not deserve the endorsements of the Democratic Party.

It’s obvious he likes the attention both parties give him, which is why he keeps up the lie that he’ll “continue to caucus with Senate Democrats” and probably thinks he’s like the BMOC of the Senate, but seriously Joe, just go over to the dark side already. You haven’t been a decent representative of the Democratic party in decades. We know this, you know this. Or you do you really enjoy being the token for the GOP?


2 thoughts on “Like this is a surprise

  1. Schmo likes the attention. As a goplet, he’d be just one more goplet in a dwindling crowd. Besides, except for Iraq, he votes the right way more often than not (and more than any *real* goplet would).

    I just hope that the Dems get 60 in the Senate w/o Schmo next year, then strip him of his committee assignments. Then in 2012, he’s outta there. If there’s anything left to be outta by then.


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