Rape victim pardoned

Eid Mubarak…I guess.

Well, the rape victim in Saudi Arabia who was sentenced to 200 lashes was pardoned by the king. Though no one knows if it’s really true or not. This is Saudi Arabia, this could be just a face-saving maneuver.

All of this silliness, sexism and stupidity is exactly why I can’t and won’t ever live in a Muslim country. Religious police…bah. Who are these men to tell anyone how to practice any religion? I don’t even understand why the people don’t revolt. Look at this way: Think of all these holier-than-thou, homophobic people being cause in gay sex scandals. So, yeah, I can only imagine the hypocrisy of religious police, judges and politicians in a so-called Muslim country. (Is it obvious that I “have issues with authority”? Every report card from Kindergarten on up…)

And I’m sick and tired of our mosques here in the US not saying anything about cases like this. You know it’s wrong what Saudi Arabia does. Just because they give your mosque money, buy you Qur’ans or send you speakers doesn’t mean that you can’t still stand up for your beliefs. Just because they live in Saudi Arabia doesn’t make them more Muslim than you. When a rape victim gets gang-raped AND then sentenced for it, that’s an outrage and you know it. There’s is no reason that any of our so-called Muslim leadership hear in the US couldn’t have stood up and said, “That’s wrong.” Yes, this also means that I’m utterly confused about about all the hajjis in Saudi Arabia right now just going about their business. There are mass numbers and it would have been a wonderful thing if everyone had protested the stupid and unfair ruling before the Hajj started.


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  1. Religion in general tends to just be wrong. I’m not trying to be the chicken and not call out the insanity of this particular religion, but I’ve seen all kinds of things in all kinds of religions and the problem with religion is that it encourages groupthink. You’re never going to have religious people speak out against bad things that their members do, because that is not being a “team” in the shallow definition word team. The whole point of religion is to shut people up and get them to work for the status quo. I know that sounds all hippie and stuff, but that pretty much seems to be the point.

    This is crazy. I’ll never go to any country run by religious nuts, so I probably would never visit the US if I didn’t already live here.



  2. See that was the whole point…it’s not groupthink. At least I don’t think it is…the mosques, at least here in Los Angeles are pretty outspoken on many issues. Granted each one has it’s own personality and you’ll find if you fit in or not, as with any place. It’s just when it comes to Saudi Arabia they (in general) clam up. Only black mosques have the freedom to do as they will, since Saudi Arabia pays them no mind.

    The sort of federal financial help that churches and synagogues expect, mosques don’t always get. Especially with the current nutjob in the WH. The Saudis do spend a lot of money on mosques here. They help get them fix, they have theology schools and offer scholarships to universities around the world. Strings attached, naturally.

    The Saudis do put “spies”, or “auditors” in the mosques, they make so secret of it and everyone knows they’re there. When the leaders at the mosque speak out against some stupidity the Saudis have done (again) there reprecussions. The quality speakers stop coming, mortgage payments are late, that sort of thing. It’s this stupid financial hold over these “leaders”.


  3. Because they’re assholes? I find it amazing that these people, these wannabe theocrats can sit there, read a book and decide that they’re fit to determine rules and laws for other people, while the same rules and laws aren’t necessarily meant for them.


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