I found out why the lights went out

Back on Nov. 10th, I posted about how our area lost electricity for almost 20 min. Since it’s not like I can count on the LA Times to actually cover stories in Los Angeles, I was left in the dark (pun so unintended) about this matter. The other day, I picked up a Nov. copy of The Voice (sadly, they don’t have a website, so this is the closest thing) and there was an article in there on the situation.

Turns out some chick was speeding down Eastern, lost control her car when she crossed the double yellow lines and hit a fire hydrant (the chick also managed to get out the car and was last seen running down Eastern). At any rate, the fire hydrant was shooting water up to 30′ into the air right onto the power lines. I think one of the poles was compromised, so they needed to get the electricity off, so that they can turn off the hydrant and attend to the pole. This is what plunged us into darkness, leaving 14000 El Sereno residents powerless for 18 minutes.


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