Is Tancrazy out?

Take it with a grain of salt, after all this is from MSNBCs First Read:

Multiple sources tell First Read Tancredo will likely pull out of the race for the Republican nomination tomorrow. The campaign says the candidate will make a “major announcement” at 3:00 pm ET in Des Moines, Iowa. It’s unclear if he will endorse a candidate tomorrow as well.

That’s all the info, right there. But you gotta click the link just for that first comment.

Tom Tancredo at the NAACP Presidential Forum
photo by Rebecca Cook/Reuters

That’s Tancredo at the NAACP Presidential Forum. He’s the only Republican that showed up to the forum. All the others had wonderful excuses why they couldn’t make it. Funny that.

UPDATE: Tancrazy is out and is backing Nutt Romney:

Tancredo, who entered the race to raise awareness of the immigration issue, languished at the bottom of a big Republican presidential field most of the year but said he had accomplished his task.
He said Romney, who he met with before making his announcement, had a solid record on immigration and praised him as “the best hope for our cause.”