Some Like it Hot

The things you do to shut up your kids. The other day, they were fighting over a toy. It wasn’t even a whole toy. It was a piece to a toy. Even though there was another one 7 inches away, they both wanted that one. was raining and they had cabin fever for being cooped up in the house for almost 2 full hours (see why I could never move to a colder climate?). So they’re screaming, shrieking, biting and crying…I did what any mom would do. I started signing The Power Station’s Some Like it Hot. That shut them up and they both sat down.

I got a nice ovation out of them.

I think there was dancing involved.


One thought on “Some Like it Hot

  1. So from One momma to another when you live somewhere cold you just sent them outside with a couple extra layers and tell them to suck it up!

    ps Great video! I love the 80s


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