How did I miss the last 3 days? OMG…I could have sworn my last post was on Sunday night. Oh man!

So, some catch up…My neighbor had a birthday party on Sat. night. Mariachis, birria, and lots and lots of tequila. Let’s just say that a few of the guys are covered in bruises from falling, and on Sunday everyone was swearing off tequila and drinking.

Sunday, I took the kids downtown. We actually started going over to The Grove, but their were limos outside, the line to get into the parking structure was ridiculous and so I left. Ran into to police action in my old neighborhood. And (shoot me now!) finally got out of the area in 20 minutes, leaving me thrilled that I no longer live in the Fairfax district. It only took almost 40 minutes to drive the 8 miles to downtown. Then we went home, picked up Adrian and went to Olvera Street for Las Posadas. Interesting…I don’t know about the life-sized wooden nativity scene. That kinda freaked me. Ooh! I finally went to the Iglesia Nuestra Seรฑora Reina de los Angeles. I had no idea that there were two churches there! Pictures will be posted later.

Yesterday, I did some more work in the yard. I went to town and everyone was oohing and aahing. It looks that good. Today, while Adrian’s visiting his mom, I think I’m going to install a walkway. My neighbors across the street (brother to the neighbor who had the birthday party on Sat.) had a party last night. There were tacos and tamales. YUM! And tequila. It was funny because they were making what I’ve always called “sodaritas”: tequila, lime, salt and Squirt. Loads of those were ingested. While we were there, Ilia learned some of her body parts in Spanish from a 12 yr. old girl who just adored her. In return, she taught the little girl some ballet.

So, that’s out weekend in a nutshell, not including the people we’ve had over. Now, we’re getting ready for New Year’s. Last year was so much fun sitting out on the front porch and watching all the fireworks for a few hours. If you’re in LA and I don’t hate you, feel free to come by.


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  1. I wish I was there. Or just about anywhere where it’s not 40 and raining. Lord knows we need the rain, but it started out as sleet this morning. Sheesh.


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