New planting bed!

So this is what I did yesterday:

New planting bed

From a different angle:
New planting bed

My arms, back, legs and eyelashes hurt! My right hand is cramped into the shape of a shovel handle. Fun. But I’m excited. I cannibalized my backyard. It’s looking a little bare, but the plants that really need sun in the winter are finally getting it.

Here’s what I planted in this bed:
Tibouchina (Princess Flower) – Has been in a pot since Aug. and needed a home
Nassela (Mexican feather grass) – This was in the backyard along the fence, but it needs more air circulation…nice in the wind
Dwarf mondo grass – those tiny green sproutlets you see.
Sage (Honey Melon) – it smells like pineapple, so go figure on that name.
Teucrium (germander) – I bought 3 of these last year for their silvery color. The other two are in the backyard. One is 4′ by 3′ and the other is 4′ by 4′. This one is still the same size as when I first planted it back in April. I’m getting it some sun.
Cycad (sago palm) – I got this for Adrian because he said he wanted one. Then it kept poking him so now he hates it. It does hurt. Siting was a PITA because of the sharp spines and small yard.
Liriope – Two clumps taken from the backyard. Nice spreading plant with pretty purple flowers.
Cyperus papyrus – Anothe from the backyard. I bought 3 of these, one went crazy. The other two are barely pulling their weight. This is a part of one of the sad ones.
Dwarf Brazilian banana – I cut this from our banana plant in the back yard and planted it along the driveway, where it immediately stopped growing because it wasn’t getting any sun. Hopefully, it’ll be much better now.
Acanthus (bearss breech) – Super cool plant I fell in love with a few years ago. I bought two of these. One is in my backyard and it’s now about 6′ in diameter and 4′ tall. This one has been in a pot since I bought it in March. Let’s hope the summer sun doesn’t kill it.

That’s about it for that bed. On the house side of the front part, I put in some fortnight lilies I divided from the backyard and my strawberries, raspberries and blackberries will be planted there too. That way when we’re hanging out in the front yard, we’ll have snacks! (A lemon tree and grapes are going in the front yard too).

I hope I’m able to get my walkway in before New Year’s. That would be wonderful.