cough Happy New cough Years! gasp

I think I’m getting bronchitis.


4 thoughts on “cough Happy New cough Years! gasp

  1. Oh no!
    Happy new year.
    Hope you feel better soon.

    That’s exactly how I felt all through my move and pretty much up until yesterday.

    Don’t you just love the wheezing in your chest?


  2. I had to search for my scarf this morning as it was SO very windy in DC and cold. I was even late for work because I wasn’t leaving without it!

    Feel better soon and if you need them, take the anti-biotics! I know two people close to me who had pnemonia already this season.


  3. NO! That sounds awful. & Mama’s don’t get paid sick leave. But you don’t need me telling you that, do you?

    Did you get the fwded note from 30 voices? I would love it if you’d join.

    Happy New Year & I hope you feel better.


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