Fuck Andrea Mitchell

We all know that Andrea Mitchell hates the Clintons. We understand that. We sit here and watch her and Matthews take their pathetic little digs at the Clintons during their “reporting”. Liberal media and all that. Right?

Now, I’m just fed up. Andrea Mitchell was reporting from the Clinton ballroom. There was a crowd of people behind her. And she kept repeating, “This is a manufactured event. These people were not here [insert number] minutes ago.” Now, I’ve seen how the Clinton campaign works and those people are organized. What’s to say that they weren’t told to go down to the ballroom at an appointed time? After all, they are waiting for their candidate to show up. Mrs. Greenspan, I mean Ms. Mitchell will have us believe otherwise. Who knows, maybe someone in the Clinton campaign did tell everyone to go down to make it look happy. Image sells, but for someone as bitter and anti-Clinton as Mitchell to say something like that, shows how incredibly hacktastic she is.