MEDIA: What will rich white people think?

Chris Matthews…sigh

Landed on MSNBC and BigHead is on yammering and that GOP tool they have to do pundrity about Democrats was babbling about Clinton losing Iowa and how that’s going to send a message. Then BigHead actually said, “If Clinton loses in Iowa, how do you think that will affect your rank-and-file voter, that hasn’t really been paying attention? The voter in Manhattan or…western LA, who is a Clinton supporter and they see her lose in Iowa?”

Does a voter in Manhattan or…western LA ever care about what happens in Iowa?

Naturally, the GOP tool they had on told us that it will be very dire for Sen. Clinton unless she’s able to win NH and all the big states. Then Matthews started in on voters “in condos in FL” and I grew very suspicious this was all a segment on “The Jewish” vote.


Tell me again why I abuse myself with stupid cable “news” channels.


4 thoughts on “MEDIA: What will rich white people think?

  1. Yeah, I think I heard you…I need to get a special TV for elections that I can just kick when these talking heads get too much. Last night, I was reduced to throwing wadded tissue at the TV, so as not to scratch it.


  2. LOL!!
    We get border line violent in our living room, too.
    Perhaps we should gather together for the debates this summer to share in the tissue throwing.


  3. Oh yeah! I used to have big debate watching parties. Just yesterday, I told a group of random strangers that they can come by and watch the debates with me (I watch those on CSPAN though, because I need those unfiltered). I have parties for both conventions too if you’re interested. The RNC convention is really just a 3 day drinking game. (2 swigs for 9/11, 1 swig for terra, slam a beer for “socialized medicine”).


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