Gotta watch CNN tonight

Just read over at Jack and Jill Politics that Baratunde will be on CNN with…drumroll…the Rev. Jesse Jackson.

Jesse Jackson, Rainbow PUSH
Baratunde Thurston, Jack & Jill Politics
possibly more.

8pm eastern
Out in the Open with Rick Sanchez

This is good…Baratunde Thurston is an awesome speaker and pretty funny too boot. This is pretty momentous. Not only does Thurston represent a younger front in Black politics, he also is repping the Afrospear on a major cable news channel. We can only hope that tonight will represent a changing of the guard of Blacks on TV. That we will no longer be force fed the likes of Jackson, Sharpton or Juan Williams, instead be represented by people who came of age in this faux culture war of the right. People who don’t presume to speak for all Black people, who have different experiences and have made their way in this world like any other American.