IOWA CAUCUS: Victory Speeches

Obama’s speech is here.

Huckabee’s speech is here.

Huckabee’s speech was gracious and personable. It was pure Huckabee and considering the insiders he’s going up against, he needed this speech to reach as many undecided or uninterested GOP voters as possible. Most of the liberal blogosphere seems to think that the corporatists will line up with McCain after tonight. I think they’ll go with Thompson unless Giuliani can pull something out of his ass by the time South Carolina votes.

Obama’s speech was inspiring and personable. It was pure Obama. As I mentioned before, I think that the Clinton campaign will pull more dirty tricks. I’m also interested to see what the media will tell people to believe in the next few days. The standard ploy is to play up the hype, then 3 days later do the hit jobs. But the NH debates are on Saturday (they vote in the primary on Tues. Jan. 8), so the media doesn’t quite have the time to change up the narrative that fast unless the debates go wonky. He’s also going up against the insiders, both the Democratic “leadership” and the Black “leadership”. Whether he wins or loses in NH, I think that South Carolina will be Obama’s big media test on how the autonomous Black voting bloc will view him.